About Me

I am Kimberly Wall and I use art and technology to tell stories. My work ethic, skill set and creativity stem from my upbringing on a Midwestern farm where cheese-headed neighbors cheer on the Packers with the same enthusiasm as when they tow your car out of a snowdrift.  Traversing the countryside on horseback was my idea of summer vacation and still is.


Mulligan Wall, Vice President – Marketing & Non-Human Resources
2015 to Present

Mulligan is a team player, delivering projects on time and with creativity

Recalling his past positions at Santa Anita Park and Golden Gate Fields, Mulligan’s attention to detail and  robust enthusiasm are gifts appreciated on a daily basis.




Gracie Wall, Vice President – Marketing & Property Security
2003 to 2015

Grace was an exemplary team player, cheerleader and project manager.  She possessed the backbone to stand her ground in securing the premises, but turned on the charm when marketing campaigns warrant.

Recalling her past positions at Sacramento County Animal Shelter and Puppy Farm of Unknown Origin, Grace showed her appreciation and in-the-moment vitality every single day.




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