Creative Process

Looking at the forest through the trees from a fresh perspective… yours!

Creativity embedded in a Human Centered Design methodology (“HCD”) involves immersing one’s self into the context, culture and target community to begin the design process.  Developed by IDEO, an award-winning global design firm, and facilitated by Acumen, a company that addresses worldwide social challenges, HCD is utilized by nonprofits and NGOs worldwide who are looking for solutions to social problems, many of which involve health issues in impoverished communities.

Here’s an example…

A study recently conducted in Davis, California focused on obtaining better access to nutritious fruits and vegetables for low-income and homeless populations.  The HEAR research indicated that Northern California has an abundance of farmers’ markets, food banks and a Food Link distribution system in place.  However, many in this demographic are challenged by transportation to and from the food venues, and to the local Veterans Administration and Cal Fresh (state food stamp program).

In the CREATE process, and Idea was formulated.  A community event surrounding the painting of the bus stop benches would be sponsored by an organization – Cal Fresh, farmers market, local food bank or shelter.  The benches would be painted with ripe fruits and vegetables, promoting the city as agriculturally rich.  Each bench would feature a health-related fun fact about the fruit/vegetable, and the name/address of the sponsoring organization.  The painting project would be executed by the low-income people, receiving bus vouchers, a food basket and/or food vouchers in return for their work.  The project would be managed by two University of California students – one art student and one community organizer – who would receive school credits for the project.

Prototype benches were created and tested.  The scope was later expanded to include signage inside metal bus stop enclosures if the bench itself was not suited for painting.

More ~

The progressive minds of Mayo Clinic utilize IDEO’s Human Centered Design process to develop healthcare innovations in technology (like apps that assist Seniors in thriving as they age, select living options, make decisions on heath, etc.) and sometimes to simply improve a process (like long waiting room stays, etc.) .