Two Old Souls

Two Old Souls

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“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, ‘What!  You too!  I thought I was the only one.'”  –C.S. Lewis.  

I am a dog, my name is Ben.  My mom found Kari on Craig’s List when she was looking for a pet sitter.  You see, I hate kennels.  My mom worked at a software company which means she stared at a screen for hours on end.  We interviewed some sitters but when Kari walked through our door, the living room glowed.

Kari, I don’t take kindly to strangers but I could smell your 20-something old soul from afar.  Unlike the others, you didn’t approach me, I approached you… in due time.  Unlike the others, you were shy about your experience.  We hired you on the spot.

The residuals of the dialysis that you hooked up to three times a week permeated my nostrils.  That became a peace of you (pun intended) that I recognized.  We spent many lazy afternoons… you rocking gently in the swing in our shady yard and writing in your journal, and me keeping a watchful eye and dozing in the sunshine.  Hanging out, we were two old souls.

Over the years, you moved slower and slept longer.  Way past breakfast, I would put my nose on the bed, hoping my breath on your face would wake you.  My hunger evaporated when you woke, smiling.

Last time, you were in a wheelchair and quite frankly I hated that contraption.  My mom installed a ramp over the steps and you handled it with the grace of a princess.  We didn’t go on walks on that stay but I didn’t mind.  My bones enjoyed the cool grass and the peace of you.

Months later, my tumor returned and I was in and out of surgery.  And you had complications and were in and out of the hospital.  I visited you at your house.  You had a poster of me in your bedroom and my senior body puffed up with pride.

One day, I couldn’t get up and laid down outside in the rain instead, it was cooler out there for my burning chest.  My mom read to me and slowly I faded, my sun setting with the softness of her voice and the warmth of her love in my ears.

Now I follow my mom around and I don’t require a sitter, I am with her all the time.  And I floated around you while you lay in your bed, writing your cards and poems.  Hanging out, as we used to.

One night last month, you couldn’t get up because of the burning in your chest.  Your mother was there  and slowly you faded, your sun setting with the softness of her voice and the warmth of her love in your ears.

And now we are together, enveloping my mom when she needs us.  Two old souls.